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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Conversation Between A Doctor and A Patient

You are going to a doctor for a check up.

Emran:- Hello Doctor.

Doctor:- Hello, how can i help you?

Emran:- Actually doctor, since last two days i'm having a stomach pain

Doctor:- Ok, tell me where exactly the pain is?

Emran:- Its somewhat near lower abdomen.

Doctor:- Is it a severe pain or just a light pain?

Emran:- Can't say. I mean sometimes its severe and sometimes mild.

Doctor:- Ok. What have you eaten two days before?

Emran:- I went to a marriage and there we had dinner.

Doctor:- Do you feel like eating anything?

Emran:- No doctor.

Doctor:- Its minor stomach infection. I'm giving you medicine's for 5days and you will feel better.

Emran:- Thank You Doctor.

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